Ask. Acrobat answers.

Get ideas and step-by-step guidance on how to use AI Assistant. Save time and work smarter with document AI.

Sho Dewan Project Mangement Video

Stay organised after meetings.

Use AI Assistant to recap meetings, get deeper insights and brainstorm next steps.

Sales - Research and Prospecting Video

Simplify sales research and prospecting.

Quickly pick up all you need to know about your prospects so you can be effective at sales meetings.

Discover how real people use AI Assistant.

Whether you’re searching for quick answers or a new job or you just want to get work done faster, AI Assistant is here to help. See the ways others are using it.

Donald Kelly - Sales

Streamline RFP responses.

Speed up RFP responses by extracting crucial document information and eliminating the need for time-consuming reviews.

Vincent Chen - Device Manuals

Learn how to use your new product.

See how to set up your product in minutes without having to read the instruction manual using AI Assistant in Acrobat.

Project Manager - Sending Meeting Recap Video

Send a quick meeting recap.

Use AI Assistant to review meeting transcripts and help draught an email summary with key takeaways.

Sales - Sales Enablement Video

Answer RFPs with ease.

Answer customers’ questions faster by opening the relevant document and asking AI Assistant to summarise the info you need.

Job Hunting - Sho Dewan Video

Tailor your resume to fit the job.

Open the job posting in Acrobat and ask AI Assistant for the top skills required for the role. Then use those keywords to optimise your resume.

Human Resources - Charles Allen Video

Find answers fast.

Have a question about a company policy? Open the handbook in Acrobat, ask AI Assistant and get a response with the source cited in the document.

Business Analyst - Summarising Earnings Report Video

Summarise an earnings report.

Open the transcript of an earnings call and ask AI Assistant to create a summary. It can even help you to write an email to share with your team.

Share findings faster video.

Share findings faster.

Summarise industry reports, get deeper insights and draught recaps for your team in no time.

Take AI Assistant to school.

Studying just got easier. Absorb content faster than ever by using AI Assistant to build study guides, summarise texts and get quick answers to your questions.

Gohar Khan - Education

Easily create study guides.

Create helpful study guides and sample test questions that you can refine to make your own.

Instructor - Developing a Study Guide Video

Develop teaching guides.

AI Assistant helps you to spend less time preparing and more time teaching by quickly drafting teaching guides from source materials.

Education - Justice Shephard Video

Your new AI PDF study buddy.

Get summaries of digital textbooks with PDF AI magic. Ask your PDF questions and get answers with the source cited in the document.

Education - Stephanee Begg Video

Test prep smarter.

Summarise almost any school document with one click. Ask for a list of potential test questions to help you lock in your knowledge.

Finance - Jessie Chen Video

Improve your financial literacy.

Use AI Assistant to navigate complex financial documents and grasp key concepts so you can make informed decisions.