My 2022 Vision.

A new year holds so much potential and we’ve got high hopes for 2022. It should be a big one, full of unforgettable moments. Goals will be smashed and maybe we’ll check a few things off our bucket lists too.

Making a vision a reality.

As we start to look ahead, we’ve asked five talented Behance creatives to bring their 2022 ambitions to life, in their own unique style. Discover their creations as we reveal them weekly this January. Some are also free to download as ecards. And if you feel inspired, why not share yours on social with #My2022Vision? 

Experiencing different worlds.

“2022 is a year full of hope for me. I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible outdoors, travelling across South East Asia, being at one with nature and connecting with people from different backgrounds. I want to live in a more inclusive and peaceful world and I think it’s important to get out there and experience it in order to understand it. I hope to see fresh landscapes, try new food and embrace other people’s cultures.”

Alberto Seveso

Alberto’s passion for photography and illustration started in the 90s, when he was inspired by the graphics at skate parks and on album covers. Now he creates his own art for numerous magazines, books, blogs and brands. 

Drawing for good.

“I have a constant desire to draw and find meaning in what I do. To blend these two passions of mine, I recently set up a personal project. I offer my skills to charities and organisations which support causes that are important to me. The aim is to help spread their worthy messages in a more visually-engaging way. In 2022, I’d like to dedicate more of my time to this.”

Luiza Laffitte

Currently based in Nantes, France, Brazilian illustrator Luiza is continuously trying to improve her technique and believes if she’s not learning, she’s not moving forward. She’s a digital artist but she loves to explore other media too. 

Finding a better balance.

“My 2022 Vision is to try and make the impossible possible - to find the right balance between my family, my job and my love of photography. After a year or so where I wasn’t able to travel, I plan to cherish every opportunity I get in 2022 to portray the raw beauty of nature and its wild weather. For me, it’s about sitting through a storm so that I can capture those first rays of light when they do shine through.”

Felix Inden

Born in Spain and raised in Germany and Chile, Felix has always been keen to explore the world. It’s Felix’s firm belief that his rugged landscape photography only works if it evokes an emotion. 

Trying out new hobbies.

“I really love my job, but as drawing digital illustrations is also a hobby of mine, I spend a lot of time doing this. In 2022, I want to work a little less and fill my days with more variety. I’d like to take more time for myself and explore new interests. My friend recently bought me a piano, so I’d like to get better at playing that. I’d also really like to try surfing, skateboarding and yoga.”

Laura Lhuillier

With a strong attachment to nature, Laura’s influenced by astronomy, tropical plants and wild animals. Lots of textures and happy characters define her illustration style. 

Collaborating with mates.

“My friends and I have talked about going on a creative retreat together - I’d love for this to happen in 2022. Within our group we have a cartoonist, a ceramist, an embroiderer and I love screen printing. Whenever we get together, there’s always this great creative energy. The plan is to all make our own creations, using our favourite media - and then create another piece of art together. My hope is that what we make could then become an exhibition.”

Maïté Franchi

Inspired by the Deco forms and textures of Paris, French illustrator Maïté conveys a lot of emotion within her bold, graphic and beautifully constructed creations. 

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