Adobe Connect 12

Welcome to the power-packed summer release

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What’s new in Adobe Connect 12​

Discover the grand evolution of Adobe Connect with a stunning facelift, exciting new capabilities and powerful backend re-architecture, ​ which now powers the transformative virtual experience of Adobe Connect 12​.


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Summer Release

Welcome to the power-packed summer release, delivering on the promise of continuous innovation and value enhancement. These latest features and improvements are designed to empower your creativity, engage your participants and make every interaction smoother and impactful.​

Chat Panel

All new Chat Panel for engaging conversations that need not be recorded. Hosts can optionally use Chat Panel instead of Chat Pod or Q&A Pod, if they want engaging conversations in live session but prefer to exclude those from recordings or On-demand content.

Quiz Pod

Add fun and challenge to every virtual session effortlessly & seamlessly, without any 3rd party apps or redirects. Encourage active participation, reinforce knowledge and measure progress with this latest addition to Adobe Connect Pods Library.

Upgraded Webinar Templates

Now create stunning Event Catalogues, Landing Pages and Invitation Emails that are responsive and visually captivating on any device, with brand new, out of the box, customisable templates.

Breakout Self-Select

Hosts can now empower participants with the freedom to self-select their preferred breakout room, enabling a self-directed and personalised virtual experience. 

Virtual Backgrounds

Bring your style, brand and most professional presence to the live video. Use preferred background to create an environment with less distraction, greater focus and a great experience.

Automated Captions

Ensure an inclusive and accessible experience for all participants with automatic real-time audio transcription & translation, now available natively, without needing any 3rd party or manual service. 

Clear Content from Pods 

Clear polls, Q&An and chats with a single click and start fresh with same reusable room in a jiffy. Continue to make the most of persistent rooms and content, now with a single click action to remove unwanted content from the previous session.  

Single-click Pod Switch

Effortlessly toggle between multiple instances of a pod. Various pre-loaded content is now available as easy drop-down selection. Toggle effortlessly between multiple instances of a pod with various pre-loaded content available through an easy drop-down selection.

Visual Dashboard

Stay organised with Adobe Connect’s new homepage dashboard. Get instant access to all your training and events, view your calendar at a glance and effortlessly manage upcoming and past events. Simplify your role as a manager with ease.

Contextual Guidance

Whether you're a new user or an experienced pro, Adobe Connect with new contextual help ensures an effortless ramp to adoption of its powerful capabilities. Let the coach marks and video tutorials help you master the platform with ease and confidence. 

Improved Recording Editor

Experience enhanced control and precision in your editing workflow with the improved Recording Editor in-app or in-browser. Omit audio and video segments using intuitive preview thumbnails, easily navigate through edit markers and seek bar for precise edits. 

Spring Release

Experience the next generation of audio-video excellence with Adobe Connect.​

Powered by a modern, reliable & scalable, WebRTC-based media streaming architecture, Adobe Connect 12 enables superior audio-video experience and quality of service.​

Full HD Video in 1080p

Deliver impactful presentation with high-quality 1080 p video for greater clarity and resolution.

Up to 50 Video Feeds

Let everyone be seen and heard with up to 50 high-quality videos at once, in multi-page view.

New Single Speaker View

Guide the participants’ focus to an active or chosen speaker in full HD, with this new video layout.

New Spotlight Speaker Mode

Let the conversations flow with an automatic focus on the active speaker in ‘Filmstrip’ and ‘Single Speaker’ video layouts.

Easy Camera Tools

Control & customise in-room camera settings like a breeze, with single-click preview, start, pause and switch camera options.

Instant MP4 Recordings

Download, view and share right after the session with Instant MP4 Recordings. Hosts and Administrators have an option to create anonymous recordings.

High-quality Audio

Get improved audio clarity, speed and reliability, with near perfect audio sync, automatic noise cancellation and echo reduction on the new audio streaming architecture.

Easy Microphone Tools

Make mic checks effortlessly with the new Easy Microphone Tools that help control, customise and add weight to the speaker's voice and value to engagement.

Easy Speaker Tools

Set up audio fast and easy with simplified speaker options that elevate the overall audio experience.

Extended Browser Capabilities

Share ideas without barriers, from any modern browser. The new feature-rich web client enables participants to do almost everything in the browser or Chromebook, including screen sharing.

Easier Log In Experience

Enter sessions like a breeze with a new Set-up Lobby with easy Mic, Speaker and Camera set-up and test tools. Click “Remember me” on the log in screen to avoid re-log in on frequently used devices and browsers.

Smoother Exit Experience

Get better control with distinct exit options that let hosts end the session or exit without ending the session for all.