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Virtual Tour of Adobe Connect for Marketing Webinars

May 21, 2015


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Webinars and online events should be dynamic, memorable, and interactive. Some solutions make this impossible. Discover ten ways to make your job easier and your webinars more interactive and engaging with Adobe Connect. Find out how you can improve your online events by engaging your audience, improving your tracking and reporting and increasing your brand awareness. You will also discover the benefits of a flexible and customizable platform that is easy to use and easy to access for attendees.

Among other things, you will discover:

  • Better ways to engage your audience
  • Total branding and customization capability
  • The benefit of a persistant room and content library
  • Easy access without frustrating downloads


Peter Ryce
Connect Evangelist, Business Professional Business Unit - Adobe Systems
As an evangelist in the Business Professional Business Unit at Adobe Systems, Ryce is focused on the company’s Connect product family – including Adobe Connect and Adobe Presenter. The products evolved from Macromedia Breeze, where Ryce was an original team member, and provide a secure, flexible Web communication solution. Ryce is responsible for customer education and outreach, channel support and sales training, product marketing, and ensuring that Adobe employees incorporate Connect products into their day-to-day tasks.

Ryce joined Adobe with the acquisition of Macromedia, where he had worked since 2000. During his time at Macromedia, he held product management positions for the Authorware, Director, Freehand and Flash Media Server products. Prior to Macromedia, he was an executive producer for gaming company Shockwave. Previously, he was a product manager at Alias, a 3D software developer that has since been acquired by Autodesk, and he was an IT manager at a 2000-employee KPMG office.

Ryce is an experienced public speaker, often talking about topics such as web conferencing, e-learning, video production, 3D, and online content streaming.

Ryce holds a Bachelor’s degree in human memory and learning from McMaster University in Canada.


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