Underexposure vs. overexposure in photography.

Learn how to fix images that are too bright or too dark with this handy guide.

In photography, we refer to images that are darker than the actual scene as underexposed, while those that are brighter are considered overexposed. Sometimes photographers will underexpose or overexpose an image for artistic purposes. However, many times underexposure and overexposure are common mistakes that photographers make when creating images.

How to correct an underexposed image.

It can be frustrating when you snap a picture indoors and what appeared to be a perfectly lit scene to your eye comes out looking like a shadowy cave in your image. Here are some tips to brighten up your shots:

How to correct an overexposed image.

Especially when you’re shooting outdoors, overexposed images become a common issue for photographers. Our eyes are great at automatically adjusting to the sun’s blazing light, but our cameras are not quite as adept. Here’s how to dim the lights a bit when your images are overexposed:

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