Work with forms

Acrobat Reader app provides support for following two types of forms:

  • Acroforms: These contain form fields where you can directly enter data, check boxes, and more. Users can fill the fields from any platform and can edit in Acrobat. However, you cannot edit or remove Acroform form fields on a mobile device.

  • Fill & Sign forms: You can create these forms on any platform, including mobile devices. Fill & Sign form fields are similar to annotations: you can select a form element from the form tool bar and tap anywhere on the PDF to place it. Acrobat also supports adding and editing Fill & Sign form fields.

Using Acroforms

Fill out a form

To fill out the existing fields in an Acroform:

  1. Tap a form field and enter data.

  2. Tap outside a field to save the field data.


Reset form fields

To clear a field:

  1. Select any field.

  2. Tap Reset.

  3. When asked to confirm the reset, tap Cancel or Reset.

Bluetooth keyboard navigation

To help you use all your devices and peripherals and speed up your use of forms, Acrobat Reader supports Bluetooth keyboard navigation in forms.

JavaScript API support

In Acroforms, Acrobat Reader supports the use of JavaScript for form field calculation and validation as well as formatting. For details, see the Mobile API Reference.

Using Fill & Sign forms

Fill & Sign features are not available in Acroforms, signed PDFs, and password-protected PDFs. Such PDFs do not display the fill & sign toolbar.

Using Fill & Sign forms, you can additionally:

  • Autozoom if the field size is too small for reading.

  • Snap left when tapping in text fields (LTR locales only).

Create and edit a form

You can easily turn almost any PDF into a form and either send it to others or fill it out yourself.

To create a form in an open document:

  1. Tap editicon > fillsignicon

It displays the Fill & Sign toolbar.

  1. Select a form tool, such as a text field or checkbox.

  2. Enter data. By default, the app suggests entries for text fields.

  3. To exit Fill & Sign mode, tap checkicon

When you place a form element, a context menu provides options for changing the font size, deleting the element, and so on.



You can copy text from your clipboard to text fields.

Automatic form fill-in

By default, the app uses your form fill-in history to suggest words in subsequent forms. This feature saves time, especially on a mobile device. Sources for suggestions include the following:

  • Data from saved forms: If the first two letters match data you’ve entered in past (and saved) forms, suggestions are populated from that usage history.

  • Date formats: Typing the first letter or any number in the current date suggests the following date formats: 8/06/2018; Aug 6, 2022; August 6, 2022.

To disable this feature:

  1. Tap profileicon > Preferences.

  2. Disable Suggest previously used words when filling forms.


Clear form data history

You usage history is saved from completed forms. This allows the app to make suggestions as you type in form fields. To clear your suggestion history:

  1. Tap profileicon > Preferences.

  2. Tap Clear Suggestions > Remove.

Sign forms

If you have already created your signature, tap signicon and place your signature.

Paste text into text fields

To do so, copy text to your device clipboard, long pressing the field where you want to add text, and tap Paste.

Undo and redo

To undo and redo any action (except signing), tap undoicon or redoicon from the upper-right menu.


Delete form fields

To remove a field:

  1. Tap any field.

  2. Tap deleteicon


Forms FAQs

Does Acrobat Reader support XFA forms?

No. Acrobat Reader cannot open dynamic or static XFA forms created with LiveCycle Designer.

Is there any LiveCycle integration?

Acrobat Reader supports files secured by password security via Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management Server as well as document revocation. For details, see the Mobile Enterprise Guide at

Why does the form I completed on my device appear blank elsewhere?

There are several possible reasons:

  • Acrobat does not support XFA form fill-in (sometimes created with LiveCycle Designer).

  • Many non-Adobe PDF viewers DO NOT SUPPORT viewing form data.

Why don’t I see the form element tools?

You have opened an Acroform or a signed form. You cannot add form fields to those types of files.

Why can’t I edit my form?

Signed forms are locked.