Comments and forms

The Comments and Forms settings allow you to specify the options for commenting and forms workflows.

Forms auto-complete

You can select the options for forms auto-complete and prevent the end-user from modifying these settings.

Auto-complete forms settings


To choose the forms auto-complete options:

  1. Select one of the following options from the Auto-Complete list:

    • Off

    • Basic: Sets:

      [HKCU\Software\Adobe\(product name)\<version>\FormsPrefs]
    • Advanced: Sets:

      [HKCU\Software\Adobe\(product name)\<version>\FormsPrefs]
  1. For Basic or Advanced auto-complete setting, check Remember numerical data (such as, telephone number) to enable forms to auto-complete numerical data. This feature sets:

    [HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\FormsPrefs]
  2. To lock these controls so that end users can’t change them, select Prevent user from modifying this setting in Edit > Preferences > Forms. This feature sets:

    [HKLM\Software\Policies\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\FeatureLockdown]

Shared reviews servers

This feature is not available in Reader.

The Shared Reviews feature offers enhanced document-sharing functionality across network servers. The Shared Reviews Servers Settings list contains the names, types, and addresses of the currently configured shared reviews servers. You can control shared reviews, add a server to the list, and remove a shared reviews server from the list.

Server settings for shared reviews


Disable shared workflows

To control user access to shared reviews, check Disable Shared Reviews and Reviews/Forms workflows. It disables the synchronizer.exe file. This control sets:

[HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\Workflows]

Add review servers

To add a shared reviews server:

  1. In the Add Shared Review Server pane, type a server name in the Server Name box. This feature sets:

    [HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\Collab\cReviewServers\c]
  1. From the Server Type drop-down list, select any one of the following server types:

    • Network Folder

    • Web Server Folder

    • SharePoint Workspace

    This feature sets:

    [HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\Collab\cReviewServers\c<index>\cSettings]
  2. Enter the server address in the Server Path or URL text box. This feature sets:

    [HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\Collab\cReviewServers\c<index>\cSettings]
  3. From the Distribution Method drop-down, select one of the following methods:

    • Upload to server and send email with link

    • Send email with attachment

    • Save to local disk and send later manually

    This feature sets:

    [HKCU\Software\Adobe\<product name>\<version>\Collab\cReviewServers\c]
  4. Select Add.

    Review server configuration




Remove a shared review server

To remove a shared reviews server from the Shared Reviews Servers Settings list:

  1. Select the server name from the Shared Reviews Servers Settings list.

  2. Choose Remove.