Direct editor

The Direct Editor allows advanced users to inspect the installer tables directly. While you can modify the tables directly rather than using the Wizard’s UI or MSI and Adobe properties on the command line, Adobe strongly recommends that you do not do so and instead use supported methodologies. Do not use the Direct Editor feature unless you are knowledgeable about editing and troubleshooting installer tables. Improper use of this feature can result in the corruption of critical system files.

Direct Editor


Edit installer tables

To modify a setting in an installer table:

  1. In the Tables list, choose the table that contains the installation setting you want to change.

  2. In the selected table, locate the item you want to change in the right-hand panel. All of the columns in the Direct Editor are sortable alphabetically. Simply click the column heading.

  3. Modify the entry as follows

    • Edit a value: Double-click to select a text string and enter a new value.

    • Edit rows: Right-click on the row to see the context menu that allows you to cut, copy, paste, add, and drop rows.