FAQs and Troubleshooting

MUI package creation

After downloading and expanding the compressed installer, do the following to create a multilanguage Reader package:

  1. Download the non-English Installers you need and expand them.

  2. Install one localized version in a virtual machine (VM).

  3. Search the Program folder for the language files (e.g., for German the file extension is DEU). Backup the language files and make sure to keep the directory structure.

  4. Reset your VM and repeat the step above for each localized setup.

  5. Open the AcroRead.msi of the US Version in the Customization Wizard.

  6. Go to the Files and Folders and import the language files to the appropriate folders.

  7. To set Reader automatically to the OS Language, go to the Registry and add [HKCU\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\<version>\Language\UseMui].

  8. Create a dummy value inside that key so that the Wizard will recognize your change.

You now have a multilanguage package that automatically follows the OS language (or OS MUI language) if the appropriate language files are installed.

Error: Cannot modify MSI

If you get the error “The Wizard cannot modify this MSI package…”, check the following:

  • Verify you are opening a product MSI that is supported. The Wizard checks a signature based on a GUID in the property table. The target product should have the requisite signature property as well as the expected major version value in the GUID.

  • Verify the Acrobat product and Wizard versions are identical. For example, the Wizard 9 can only be used with 9.x products.

Silent install isn’t silent

If your silent install settings are not respected and your command line is something like:

MSIEXEC /I <path to msi>\AcroPro.msi TRANSFORMS="<path to mst>\AcroPro.mst"

then you are not using Setup.ini your workflow. The Wizard rewrites Setup.ini when you specify a silent install to include this option. The silent install switch is not saved in the MST. Either run Setup.ini or change your command line to include the /qn switch. For example:

MSIEXEC /I <path to msi>\AcroPro.msi TRANSFORMS="<path to mst>\AcroPro.mst" /qn

Disable the registration prompt

Users should usually not be prompted to register the product in enterprise settings. To prevent the prompt, activate and register the product on behalf of your organization. See Activating without going online.