Launch other applications

The Launch Other Applications feature allows you to specify additional applications to be installed along with the Acrobat product. You can specify both executable files or batch files to run on the destination system(s) after the product installation completes.

The feature modifies the EnterpriseLaunches table and writes to the Setup.ini file.

Chain installs

To add an application to the installation:

  1. Choose Add Application.

  2. Enter a complete path to the application in highlighted row under Application Path or select Browse and navigate to the application.


    If an executable file or batch file is not available or the location is invalid, the installer will ignore the entry.

  1. To add any required command line parameters to the application path, double-click the Command Line field and entering the parameter.

  2. To specify whether the installation process waits before proceeding with the application, double-click the Wait field and then select Yes or No.

Change the install order

The order of the applications in the list determines the order in which the installer invokes the files. To change the order:

  1. Select an application from the list.

  2. Choose the Up and Down arrows on the right to rearrange the application within the list.


    Each application executes according to its location on the list, so verify there is no conflict among the files in the list.

Remove an install item

To remove an application:

  1. Select the application from the list.

  2. Remove Application.