Welcome to the Wizard

Welcome to Acrobat Customization Wizard DC (hereafter, the “Wizard”). The Wizard streamlines the task of configuring (customizing) the installer prior to organization-wide deployment. For example, if you have a volume license, you do not need to register and personalize each copy of the product you install. You can customize the installer to not only skip the standard registration questions, but also accept the EULA and fill in your organization name automatically. Other options include:

  • Leverage existing deployments by copying enterprise files and registry configurations.

  • Modify the registry (via the Registry Editor) and installer tables (via the Direct Editor) directly.

  • Optimize the behavior of the installer by setting up silent installation, pre-serialization, reboot options, languages, and so on.

  • Remove previous versions of Reader and Acrobat.

Version rules

Supported products

The Wizard supports all Acrobat products, including Reader. Certain UI components are enabled or disabled based on the loaded installer file. For example, when customizing Reader, some of the available options which are specific to Acrobat will not display in the user interface.

Documentation notes

The online documentation is always more current than the in-product version.