Get insights and take action with Adobe AI Assistant for Acrobat.

The new AI Assistant deploys in minutes, protects your data and uncovers high-quality insights across multiple documents. Use the responses to quickly create exceptional business content.

New generative AI features for business.

AI Assistant

Ask your AI Assistant questions and get answers immediately, with attributions sourced primarily from your document. Then use the responses to craft expert emails, presentations, reports and more.

Generative summary

With one click, get an outline of your document with summaries of key points. It’s never been easier to navigate and scan your document’s key sections and find the information you need.

Get quality insights you can trust.

• Ask a question and get a response with an interactive experience that quickly gives you the specific information you need. AI Assistant works with PDFs, Microsoft Word files, PowerPoint files, meeting transcripts and more.

• Get high-quality insights based on Adobe's deep understanding of PDF and proprietary pre- and post-processing of third-party LLM output.

• Get verifiable responses from one or more documents, with citations.

• Generate information in the tone and length you need for emails, blogs, presentations, research or other uses.

See how to get the most out of AI Assistant

Use AI Assistant with confidence.

• AI features are developed in alignment with Adobe’s AI ethics principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency.

• Adobe doesn’t use your content for generative AI training.

• You have full control over which team members can access AI Assistant.

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An image of a contract that shows a graphic of a large hand with fingers holding a tiny red pencil. The word "Contract" appears in large letters at top. The text in the contract details a marketing agreement that covers design services and ownership of work and there's a signature at bottom on a signature line.

See the value straightaway.

• Deployment is quick and easy.

• There’s no extensive data preparation needed, as AI Assistant only generates responses from the documents you choose.

• AI Assistant is available across your document workflow, in Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro on desktop, web and mobile.

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See how Adobe is using AI Assistant across our enterprise.

A video thumbnail image with a headshot of an Adobe employee. The text says “Ryan Lytle - Blog Content.”


Jump-start content creation by drafting a blog post from a white paper.

A video thumbnail image with a headshot of an Adobe employee. The text says “Serge St. Felix - Sales.”


Learn about your prospects in seconds for effective meetings.

A video thumbnail image with a headshot of an Adobe employee. The text says “Erica Glende - Legal Alerts.”


Quickly summarise new policy information for stakeholders.

A video thumbnail image with a headshot of an Adobe employee. The text says “Jennifer Sarvian - Research.”


Synthesise report findings and get answers to specific questions in no time.

A graphic that shows a document icon featuring the star-shaped symbol Adobe uses to denote AI capabilities. A curved line trails out from the document icon, loops around another star-shaped AI symbol and connects to a speech-bubble icon that denotes chat messaging functionality.

Power up your prompts.

Find out how to generate AI Assistant responses that you can use to create effective emails, messaging, presentation slides and other formats.

Let's talk about how your business can boost productivity with AI Assistant.