Substance Alchemist becomes Substance 3D Sampler! With new procedural IBL authoring, Sampler becomes your go-to tool to easily transform a real-life picture into a photorealistic surface or HDR environment: it’s truly about sampling, digitizing, and enriching the world around you!

We’ve also added a ton of content, with new and improved filters such as Tiling, Color variation, Warp Transform, Panel, Smudge, and new technical filters. Check out all the new features below!

If you’re new to the Substance 3D tools, you might wonder what Sampler does? We’ve got you covered in this video,

Create and customize your IBLs

IBL Authoring has never been this easy! Capture an environment with a 360° camera and modify it in a 3D layer-based context:

You can also create a fully procedural IBL from scratch and send it directly to Stager and Painter to set up your environment:

At the heart of your workflow

Edit 2D inputs directly in Photoshop, and your edits will automatically update in Sampler. Check this out:

Send materials to Painter, send IBLs to Stager and Painter, use generators and filters from Designer, browse in Adobe Bridge; waste no more time switching between the Substance 3D tools!

Gain visual consistency between tools

Sampler now fully supports Adobe Standard Material, which is a PBR material specification that introduces new material behaviors such as clear-coating, advanced subsurface scattering, sheen, anisotropy and specular edge color.

All applications in the Substance 3D ecosystem now use this new material definition by default, allowing for total visual parity and consistency between all Adobe apps. It’s designed to be compatible as much as possible with third-party applications like 3ds Max, Maya, C4D, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

Sampler also features a new experimental viewport with improved shadows, which is the same as Stager. It allows you to visualize your IBLs and materials with precision before sending to Stager.

Still in beta, we’re counting on you to provide us valuable feedback so we can improve it over time! You can always switch back to the original rendering engine if you want.

Keep an eye on your assets and projects

You can now work in dual screen and the panel management becomes a fully customizable experience, allowing you to focus on your creation:

The new project panel allows you to centralize your asset creation and manage your projects. Never lose track of an asset again!

The new Assets panel introduces 3 sections: Starter Assets, Your Assets, and Connected local folders. We’ve updated the Assets panel with new icons and filters allowing you to quickly find the asset type you’re looking for.

And, as Sampler is increasingly part of a more extended ecosystem, we took this opportunity to align as much as possible with the other Substance 3D apps.

Play with new and improved filters

We’ve added more than 20 new filters, such as the embroidery and weave filters, and improved all the existing filters! Check out the full list of new and improved filters in Sampler:

The Adjustment filter is now divided into 6 new filters, providing you better control over your materials:

The filters now also allow you to create multiple presets so you can adjust different settings in advance.

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