How to take brilliant photos with diffused flash.

Remarkably improve the quality of your photos with these tips on how and when to diffuse your camera’s flash.

Your camera’s flash — use it and risk a washed-out photo, don’t use it and you may not have a photo at all. Thankfully, there’s a magical middle ground where light is spread around evenly, and all you need are these tips on flash diffusion to get started.

Benefits of diffused flash photography.

When you diffuse your camera’s flash, you disperse light uniformly across the photo’s subject. This helps you:

Not only do your photos turn out better, but they’re also easier to touch-up with a photo editing software.

How to diffuse your camera’s flash.

Whether your camera has a built-in flash or an external flash, there are a few ways to diffuse its direct light.

If you’re on a budget or in a pinch, reach for simple DIY solutions. Use everyday items like index cards or lightly colored surfaces nearby to bounce off the light. Alternatively, there are tons of flash diffusers available for purchase like softboxes, flash cards, and diffusion caps. Also, you can easily find photography techniques that will help you to experiment with light.

The right flash diffuser can make a huge difference in photo quality. But if it’s not perfect, that’s ok — using any diffuser means you’ll have a better photo to edit in post-production. As long as you’ve captured plenty of detail in the original shoot, you can adjust exposure, depth of field, and more to create an enhanced photo.

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