Ethics and Integrity

At Adobe, good business begins with our commitment to the highest ethical standards.  We adhere to the following core principles:

  • Integrity, by conducting business according to high ethical standards
  • Respect for our employees, customers, vendors, partners, stockholders and the communities in which we work and live
  • Honesty in our internal and external communications and all business transactions
  • Quality in our products and services, striving to deliver the highest value to our customers and partners
  • Responsibility for our words and actions, confirming our commitment to do what we say
  • Fairness through adherence to applicable laws, regulations, policies and a high standard of behavior

We encourage you to read our policies to learn more about the legal and ethical standards we embrace.

Adobe Business Ethics Hotline

If you believe there have been any potential violations of Adobe's policies, including complaints or allegations relating to accounting, internal controls or auditing matters, call the Adobe Business Ethics Hotline.

Do you have concerns or questions about your customer account?

If you have a customer service or billing issue, please Contact Customer Care or call 1-800-833-6687. They will be happy to help solve your issue.


Our Ethics & Compliance Team cannot help you with customer service or billing issues or take any reports on these issues.

Adobe Business Ethics Hotline

Submit a report by phone:

  • Inside North America: Call toll-free 1-800-300-1026
  • Outside North America: Specific numbers for the country where you are located can be found here.

You can also submit a report online using the button below.

You may always write to


Political disclosures
We believe public policy engagement is an important and appropriate role for companies when conducted in a legal and transparent manner. Adobe is committed to participating in the political process in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and reporting requirements. Our policies and procedures for political contributions made with corporate funds are set forth in the Public Policy and Government Relations Policy. Learn more about our government relations involvement.


Corporate political contributions
Under U.S. law, corporations are not allowed to contribute money to federal candidate committees, party committees and political action committees. Many U.S. states allow corporate donations to state and local candidates or ballot issue campaigns. On a limited basis, Adobe may make corporate political contributions to support candidates and ballot measures that align with our public policy agenda and business interests and are in compliance with the Public Policy and Government Relations Policy. As part of our policy, we prohibit "soft money" contributions to any groups organized under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.


No Political Action Committee
Adobe has not established a federal or state Political Action Committee (PAC).


Trade associations
Adobe belongs to several trade associations that require the payment of regular dues. Some of our trade associations may use a portion of the dues collected for political expenditures. Interested parties should contact the trade associations directly to obtain information on how much they spend on political expenditures.

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