See the world from a new angle
with aerial photography.

Showcase stunning landscapes, architecture, and more with aerial photos. Whether you’re using a drone, standing atop a skyscraper, or shooting from an airplane, these tips will help you succeed in aerial photography.

Aerial photograph captures cars going over the Golden Gate bridge

Photo by Toby Harriman

Get a bird’s-eye view.

Aerial photography and videography are extraordinary ways to see landscapes and architecture from unique angles, allowing you to capture gorgeous shots of otherwise inaccessible areas. Aerial imagery and video are essential assets for the architecture, real estate, and environmental sectors. 


Explore the special considerations needed when shooting from an airplane, helicopter, drone, or tall structure. Plus, learn about the right tools and applications to have on hand to get what you want out of your aerial photographs.


Choose your aircraft wisely.

The optimal method for aerial photography depends on what you’re shooting and why. For simple projects, like site planning or real estate shots, a drone might be all you need. However, certain heights and areas can require you to hop into an aircraft. In an airplane or helicopter, you can bring more equipment to ensure that you capture the high-resolution images you want.

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Modern-style home real estate picture shot from across the pool at dusk.

Getting started in real estate photography.

Begin your journey into real estate photography with these tips and insights from working pros.

Drone photograph of intersecting motorways and overpasses.

Getting started with drone photography.

See how you can take to the sky to capture photos from a unique aerial perspective. 

Different ISO settings on a camera

What is ISO?
Discover the role this pillar of the exposure triangle plays in photography.

Ballet dancers performing on stage - Shutter speed photography | Adobe

Understanding shutter speed.

Discover how adjusting shutter speed can help you capture clean shots or motion-filled moments.


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