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Known for his creative, high-energy shoots, learn how fashion photographer Tom achieves vibrant results. 

Tom van Schelven’s Lightroom tutorials.

Create your own distinctive fashion images by editing out distractions, removing red eye and changing the background.

Create your own distinctive images.

Learn from Tom van Schelven’s Lightroom tutorials. 

Play with light on mobile.

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Create your own vibrant images with Tom van Schelven’s presets.

Unique effects for your images by the renowned photographer, with just one click in Lightroom.


A low contrast film look, with negative clarity and texture and a medium grain and reduced saturation, cool tones added to the highlights and shadows.


Low contrast, milky effect with added warmth to the mid-tones and reduced saturation overall. Slightly pulled back highlights.


Medium contrast (added through curves) with increased saturation and lifted mid-tones, adds depth to colour blocks.


Increased vibrance and lifted highlights inspired by the neons of Bowery NYC - great for colourful scenes.

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Get cinematic with Liam Man.

See how night photographer Liam Man unlocks his city with dramatic, moody editing. 


Get playful with Elke Vogelsang.

Learn how to deal with the trickiest subjects.