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How to add MP3 audio to video.

Add audio to your videos to create energetic clips, fun music videos, or head-bobbing YouTube videos. Learn how simple it can be to add music with a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Take any video to the next level with MP3s.

Every video needs a good soundtrack, and with the following tips, you can add the musical accompaniment or voiceover audio you need to fit your latest creation. Mix, convert, fade, and more.

Bring MP3 audio files into your video project.

Great footage is the backbone of an impressive video, but before you post your video online, you should consider its soundtrack. For example, a promo video with musical backing is more intriguing than a silent clip. A point-of-view journey down a ski slope will feel flat without some musical accompaniment. 

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Importing audio is easy in Premiere Pro.

Add MP3 files to whatever video you want to cut together. Add a licensed song, original composition, or narration track to your project in a few clicks. Then edit it along with your video for a project that sounds as good as it looks.


  1. Click the Import button at the top of the screen to add media to your project timeline. 
  2. Select the file you want to use, or take one of the sample files in the Sample Media folder. 

Your MP3 is now in your Premiere Pro project folder, where you can continue to adjust how it fits into your project. You can also add the audio as a new Sequence if you like. 

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Fine-tune your audio tracks after you add them.

You can add as many audio tracks as you like to correspond with any of your videos in Premiere Pro, perfect when you need narration, music, and even sound effects to work together to amplify your project. 

Once you add an MP3 to your timeline, you can adjust where it plays in your video, mute it, adjust its volume, select Auto Volume, or adjust the Auto Duck feature to fine-tune how the track works with your video.


Organize audio tracks.

Make your audio workflow smoother by learning more about labeling and organizing audio clips in Premiere Pro.


Balance and perfect your soundtrack.

Edit audio like a pro. Fine-tune each of your audio tracks to create just the right sound effects and audio to go along with any type of video project.

Go beyond MP3 with other file formats.

Much like you can use many different video formats in Premiere Pro (including MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, GIF, M4V, and more) or still image files like PNG or JPG, you can also add other audio formats like WAV, AIFF, M4A, and AAC to projects. 


Explore more of the editing capabilities of Premiere Pro (like how to crop videos, adjust file sizes, and more) to master the video editing platform you can keep in your pocket and use on the go.      

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