Learn about rotoscoping software.

This article outlines the basics of rotoscoping software and explains its primary benefits.

Have you ever wondered how animated versions of films are created? You’re not alone.

There are several animation techniques that can accomplish this task, but one popular tactic — known as rotoscoping — is accomplished by using specific software. Keep reading to learn more about this unique filmmaking strategy and video editing technique.

What is rotoscoping software?

At its most basic definition, rotoscoping software is a specific type of visual effects (sometimes called VFX) software that crafts an animated version of movie footage. Traditionally, this type of animation typically involves animators tracing over video footage — frame by frame — to produce a realistic action. Rotoscoping software does this automatically.

The benefits of rotoscoping software.

Rotoscoping is a well-known type of animation that can be accomplished manually or through the use of software. While there are pros and cons to every strategy, there are some definite benefits to using rotoscoping software. For example:

Take your animation skills to the next level.

Ready to bring your creativity to life? Learn more about video and how to animate reality with rotoscoping to bring your skills to new heights.

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