How to use a wipe transition in videos.

There are countless ways to transition between scenes or camera angles in a video, but the simple wipe has always been a favorite. Learn how to use a wipe transition in your videos.

What is a wipe transition?

A wipe transition moves from one shot to another with a sliding animation. It makes it look like one shot is literally wiped away to reveal the next.

Wipe transitions are great for grabbing your viewers’ attention, but they can quickly become overwhelming if used too much. As with all animated transitions, use them only if you have a good reason. Otherwise, it can take away from your video.

Types of wipe transitions to use in your videos.

There are a few different types of wipe transitions you can use in videos. Each one is used to communicate a specific message:

How to add a wipe transition.

Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy to add a wipe transition to your video. All you need to do is look through the effects, find the perfect wipe transition, and apply it to the beginning or end of a clip.

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