What is a vlog?

Vlogs are a creative way to share your experiences online, and it’s easy to get started.

Video blogs, or vlogs, are an increasingly popular way for content creators to share their experiences and opinions. When vlogs are published to major platforms like YouTube or Instagram, they can build a fan following over time and potentially even earn income through advertising partnerships.

Although vlogging overlaps with other types of “talking head” videos, it is definitely its own distinct medium. Are you ready to jump in and explore?

How vloggers make videos.

Successful vloggers craft videos that resonate with their audience and usually cover a single niche like fashion, fitness, or travel. They use a combination of episode planning, shooting raw footage, and video editing to make videos that will attract and meaningfully engage both new and returning viewers.

Vloggers often develop their own unique styles, but their videos typically include common elements such as:

Following these guidelines — in addition to presenting great content — encourages vlog subscribers to keep coming back for more.

Start your own vlog.

If you’re new to creating video content, you’ll need to set up an account with a vlogging platform — many vloggers use YouTube to post their videos. To start sharing your experiences online, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a topic or niche you enjoy talking about.
  2. Plan out your first vlog with a script or brief outline of ideas you want to share.
  3. Shoot vlog footage with a camera or smartphone.
  4. Import the footage to a video editing program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.
  5. Export the finished content directly to YouTube or another video sharing platform.

Your vlog’s success will likely come down to your niche expertise as well as your ability to shoot and edit catchy videos. An editing program like Premiere Pro makes it easy to add professional features like transitions, stylized text, and background audio to each of your vlogs.

Start a vlog with Adobe Premiere Pro.