Tony Ng

Managing Director, Greater China, Adobe

Tony Ng is passionate about digital transformation and enabling amazing customer experiences in the Asia Pacific region.


Tony leads Adobe’s Greater China business, an important growth engine for the company. With his deep knowledge and experience of the local ecosystem, Tony works with customers as they transform in this digital-first world.


Tony joins Adobe from Salesforce, where he served as Area Vice President of Commercial Business for Asia. During his tenure, he oversaw the Asia team with a focus on sales development, talent retention, and building the overall business to deliver sustainable growth. Prior to this, he held leadership roles at brands including Microsoft,  Boeing, Asia Netcom, Cisco, AT&T and Texas Instruments.


Ng holds a bachelor degree in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.



Adobe 大中华区董事总经理


吴振章(Tony Ng)对推动企业数字化转型和在亚太地区塑造非凡卓越的客户体验充满热忱。


吴振章负责领导Adobe重要的增长引擎之一——Adobe大中华区的业务发展。 凭借对本土生态系统的深刻认识和丰富经验,他致力于帮助客户在数字为先的世界实现数字化转型。


在加入Adobe之前,吴振章曾担任Salesforce亚洲商业业务区域副总裁。任职期间,他负责领导亚洲团队,专注于销售业务开拓和人才发展以及整体业务规划,致力于实现可持续增长。在此之前,吴振章还曾在微软(Microsoft)、波音公司(Boeing)、亚洲网通公司(Asia Netcom)、思科(Cisco)、美国电话电报公司(AT&T)与德州仪器(Texas Instruments)等品牌担任领导职位。



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