Tony Ng

Managing Director, Greater China, Adobe

Tony Ng is passionate about digital transformation and enabling amazing customer experiences in the Asia Pacific region.


Tony leads Adobe’s Greater China business, an important growth engine for the company. With his deep knowledge and experience of the local ecosystem, Tony works with customers as they transform in this digital-first world.


Tony joins Adobe from Salesforce, where he served as Area Vice President of Commercial Business for Asia. During his tenure, he oversaw the Asia team with a focus on sales development, talent retention, and building the overall business to deliver sustainable growth. Prior to this, he held leadership roles at brands including Microsoft,  Boeing, Asia Netcom, Cisco, AT&T and Texas Instruments.


Ng holds a bachelor degree in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.



Adobe 大中華區董事總經理


吳振章(Tony Ng)對數碼轉型以及在亞太區締造令人驚歎的客戶體驗充滿熱忱。


吳振章負責領導 Adobe 的重要增長引擎——Adobe 大中華區的業務。憑藉對該區生態系統的深刻認識及豐富經驗,他致力協助客戶在這數碼優先的世界轉型。


在加入 Adobe 之前,吳振章曾擔任 Salesforce 亞洲商業業務區域副總裁,除帶領亞洲團隊,亦專注銷售發展、保留人才及整體業務規劃,達致業務的可持續增長。此前他曾在微軟(Microsoft)、波音(Boeing)、亞洲網通(Asia Netcom)、思科(Cisco)、美國電話電報公司(AT&T) 及德州儀器(Texas Instruments)等品牌擔任管理職位。




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