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Great animation moves us, surprises us and inspires us like no other art form can. It offers boundless creative possibilities to tell stories, visualise ideas and convey emotions in ways that everyone can understand.

Discover our animation tips, explore fundamental and specialised topics and take your creativity to the next level.

Person sketching animated characters onto paper.

Ultimate beginner’s guide to animation

Explore the exciting and creative world of animation with our introduction and essentials.

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Man sitting at a table with art supplies sketching on a piece of paper.

The 12 principles of animation.

Discover animation fundamentals from the minds at Disney, underpinning true cinematic classics.

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Person sketching animated characters onto paper.

Animation Key Poses

Learn core animation ‘backbones’ and how to build them, so you can bring your characters to life.

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Close up of person sketching storyboard with a pencil.

What is Cel (Classic) Animation?

Dive into this classic, traditional style of hand-drawn animation and all it has to offer.

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Wooden dummy with hat and moustache holding plasticine clapboard.

What is claymation?

Explore the creative combination of stop motion and clay characters.

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Man at desk drawing on design pad in front of two computer monitors.

What is morphing in animation?

Discover the transformation technique pioneered by memorable ‘90s blockbusters

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stop motion animation of a wooden dummy in different poses

A guide to stop motion animation

Bringing the everyday to life, this style can result in truly characterful creations.

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basic walk cycle drawing

How to make a walk cycle

A great place for any budding animator to start their journey. Walk - before you can run!

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Painting of a Victorian carousel.

Zoetrope animation

Understand one of the oldest forms of animation, created through the power of illusion.

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As a technique, animation is hugely diverse — encompassing timeless Disney characters who have become household names, magical worlds imagined in Studio Ghibli anime and well-loved claymation classics such as Wallace & Gromit. Whatever type of animation you want to learn, maximise your creative impact with our market-leading animation software.


Design animations for cartoons, banners, games, and the web.

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After Effects

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Premiere Pro

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Character Animator

Use your expressions and movements to bring your characters to life in real time.

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Create, mix, and add sound effects to your movies, social posts, and podcasts.

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