How to edit videos like a professional.

Craft your videos to perfection with these simple tips to help you edit like a pro.

Maintain an organized project directory.

There are so many files that go into video creation that it can quickly become chaotic keeping up with them all. Before you even open your video editor, create separate folders for all the different forms of content you’ll need. For example, create folders for:

When you’re organized, you can avoid wasting time digging through files. The better organized you are, the easier the editing process will be.

Trim clips to keep them clean.

It’s easy to throw clips into the timeline and call it a day, but that won’t look very professional. Instead, trim the beginnings and ends of your clips to get right to the action. Your viewers don’t want to see three minutes of nothing before the action starts — they just want to get to the good part.

Look through the raw footage and find the action before you add it to the timeline. It’ll help speed up the editing process.

Use a separate audio recorder.

Your camera probably has a built-in microphone, but it’s always best to use a separate recorder for higher-quality audio.

Not only will a separate recorder give you much clearer sound, but it’ll also let you import audio files separately. Then, you can edit your video and audio individually to give you much more control over both — just like the pros.

Learn your video editing software.

Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro has hundreds of features to help you create professional-grade videos, but they’re only helpful if you know how to use them.

Before editing, take the time to learn whichever software you choose, including all the functions, features, and shortcuts. Not only will it speed up the editing process, but it’ll also help you utilize all the tools at your disposal to create professional-grade videos.

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