How to start your own football YouTube channel: name, banner and logo ideas.

Want to know if you have what it takes to make your own football vlog on YouTube? Check out some of our tips and tricks for starting a football YouTube channel, including name ideas, banner templates and more.

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YouTube is the perfect place for footie fans to share their views on the latest transfers, matches and more. Today, there’s no shortage of football channels on YouTube creating exciting news and vlog content. Successful YouTubers see subscribers in the hundreds of thousands and even millions.

If you’re a football fanatic who wants to voice your opinion, create new content and foster a community of like-minded people, YouTube could be the perfect place for your videos.

8 tips for starting a football news channel on YouTube.

Ready to get started? Check out our top tips to kick off your football channel.

1. Hone your editing skills to make things slick and ‘professional’.

If you want to elevate your football vlogging to the next level and compete with some of the bigger channels, you’ll need professional production value. This doesn’t necessarily mean investing money into a studio and a large team. Instead, you can use our online video editor to easily snip, crop and animate your way to YouTube fame.

2. Familiarise yourself with the specific quirks of YouTube as a format.

You might be passionate about football news on YouTube, but knowing what to post can be tough. YouTube trends fluctuate, and content creators can see their views drop if they don’t understand what people want to see. With Adobe Express, you can find templates that work for you and create YouTube videos that stand out from the crowd.

3. Promote your latest videos with creative and shareable social media posts.

When your football vlog is ready, one of the best ways you can promote it is on social media. Think Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, focusing on the audiences that would enjoy your videos and the types of posts that would attract them.

Once you have your idea, you can create it using one of our templates, or start from scratch and design your social posts for free.

4. Create eye-catching thumbnails.

Unless someone clicks an outside link to your video, the thumbnails for your football news videos on YouTube are the first things people will see. Put simply, it’s important your thumbnails make people want to watch your videos.

Think about the thumbnails you click on and what makes them appealing. You can create your own YouTube thumbnails in minutes and inject some of your personality into your videos.

5. Design a banner that helps your brand stand out.

If you have a YouTube football channel, a banner can immediately showcase the content you create. Whether you focus on a serious analysis of player performance, or a tongue-in-cheek look at football stadiums around Europe, your banner needs to reflect your channel. So, play around with the different templates and designs to find a style that fits your content.

6. Consider monetizing your channel.

When you get popular enough, you’ll be able to monetize your YouTube channel and earn an income from your football vlogs. What may start as a part-time hobby might develop into a side hustle before ending up as a full-time job.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as uploading video after video, but with some practice, you might just make it.

Read our top tips on how to turn your channel into a money-making opportunity.

7. Grow your subscribers.

Growing your subscribers is something even the best football YouTube channels worry about. Subscribers bring extra views, more money and potentially new opportunities.

Unfortunately, there’s no obvious solution to expanding your subscriber base – but there are plenty of things you can do to help. Learn more about growing your YouTube subscribers.

8. Work on your vlogging skills.

If you’re going to be vlogging about football, it can be tough to get started. As a beginner, you might make plenty of mistakes without realising. If you can grow your confidence and understand what makes a good vlog, you can avoid major issues. Skip the awkward start and pick up the best practices with our guide to vlogging.

Make your own football-inspired YouTube banners.

As we mentioned in our 8 top tips, your YouTube channel’s banner is key to showing the kind of content you’re offering. Take a look at some of the best football channels on YouTube and think about what their banners tell you about the channel.

One of the first steps is to decide what kind of content you want to offer. Will you be analytical or are you purely relying on vibes? Will your channel inspire important and topical discussions around football, or are you creating light-hearted and funny content? Remember you can do both, but your banner has to reflect your choices.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve pulled together some of the key takeaways to keep in mind.

You can use the football channel YouTube banner templates below to help inspire your own designs:

Find more YouTube banner ideas

Football YouTube channel logo and name ideas.

Along with banners, you’ll also need a football-related name and logo for your YouTube channel. Here are some things to bear in mind when choosing a channel name or logo:

Luckily, it’s easy to create professional YouTube logos with Adobe Express. You can even use the templates below to get a head start.

Useful things to know.

What is the biggest football fan channel on YouTube?
Unsurprisingly the biggest football accounts on YouTube are the ones owned and managed by some of the nation’s biggest teams. However, with nearly 6 million subscribers, ChrisMD is one of the most successful fan accounts on YouTube.
How do I create a YouTube banner?
Creating a YouTube banner is easy with Adobe Express. Head to our YouTube Banners page and click Create Now. You can start with a blank space and add your individual elements or select a template for inspiration. Whatever you choose, you can edit, tweak and create your perfect banner for free.
What makes a good football channel YouTube banner?
Ultimately, a good YouTube banner should tell people visiting your channel what to expect. There’s no set formula for a good YouTube banner, but it should be eye-catching, easily recognisable and reflect the content of the videos.