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All you have to do is ask. Chat with your doc.

Meet AI Assistant in Acrobat, in beta for a limited time. Interact with your document in desktop, web, or mobile app for quick answers and one-click summaries. Then use those insights to create impactful content and level up your productivity.

*Available only in English on the latest version of Acrobat Reader, Acrobat desktop, web, & mobile (paid & free signed-in users), and the Acrobat Pro trial.

A document titled "The Rise of Pickleball" that shows the Acrobat AI Assistant pop up with suggested questions to ask your document

A whole new way to get to what matters.


Ask AI Assistant.

Now you can engage with your document. Ask it questions and get quick answers linked to sources primarily from your doc. Then use the responses to craft your emails, presentations, and more — helping you sound like an expert in seconds.


Sum it up, quick.

Save time and accomplish more. One-click generative summary automatically pulls out key points to help you navigate your docs and get important info fast.

Explore all you can do with generative AI in Acrobat.

Simplify sales research and prospecting video.

Simplify sales research and prospecting.

Learn what you need to know about your prospects so you can be effective at sales meetings.

Share findings faster video.

Share findings faster.

Summarize industry reports, get deeper insights, and draft recaps for your team in no time.

Easily create study guides video.

Easily create study guides.

Ask AI Assistant to generate a study guide that you can quickly refine to make your own.

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The Adobe difference.

We protect your documents and content using responsible practices and developed Acrobat generative AI following Adobe’s AI ethics principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

Frequently asked questions.

The new AI Assistant beta is seamlessly integrated into Acrobat. You can ask questions about your documents to understand the information, get insights quickly, and instantly generate content for your deliverables.

AI Assistant
Ask your documents questions and receive easy-to-understand answers with attribution. AI Assistant can help generate a document summary and a list of suggested questions based on the document to help you explore, comprehend content, and gain insights more effectively.

Using responses from AI Assistant, you can consume info and create impactful content based on your document faster than ever — draft and share content for emails, presentations, meeting notes, research summaries, and more.

Generative summary
Focus on what matters in a streamlined way. With generative summary, you automatically get an outline with headings and section-specific key points to help you easily find, discern, and navigate to essential information you need on demand. The Generative Summary feature is currently available on Reader and Acrobat for desktop and web, but not on the mobile app.

With AI Assistant, you can accelerate document comprehension and create new impactful content based on your document to get work done faster by:

Comprehending quickly
Summarize key concepts and themes.
· Use suggested prompts to explore the content.
· Ask your own questions.
· Find information and navigate to cited references.

Create impactful content based on your document
 Use responses from AI Assistant to create your deliverables and share in less time.
· Draft and share content for emails, presentations, meeting notes, research summaries, and more.

AI Assistant in Acrobat beta is available for a limited time. On desktop and web, AI Assistant (beta) is available for Acrobat Standard and Pro customers with Individual subscriptions and Acrobat Pro trial users. Customers can access these features on the Adobe Acrobat desktop application on both Windows and macOS, as well as the Acrobat web application. AI Assistant (beta) in Acrobat Reader mobile is available for Premium and Plus customers and free signed-in users. AI Assistant in Acrobat beta is available for Reader desktop users.

The rollout of AI Assistant to Teams customers will happen in a phased manner, starting with customers who have the new Acrobat experience enabled. We expect to roll out to all eligible Teams customers over the coming months. For instructions on how to enable the new Acrobat experience, please visit this link.

Adobe recognizes enterprises have more complex requirements around security, data governance, and deployment. For Acrobat enterprise customers interested in generative AI capabilities, please contact your sales representative for access.

AI Assistant (beta) will be available in Acrobat in countries where Acrobat is currently available. Countries where Acrobat will not include generative AI currently include Belarus, China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

Currently, AI Assistant in Acrobat beta supports text documents and PDFs in English with plans to add additional languages in future releases. AI Assistant may inadvertently provide non-English responses, but these go beyond the intended purpose of the generative AI capability and should not be relied upon at this time.

At this time, this feature works for PDFs that meet certain criteria. It doesn’t yet support the following types of files:
· Files exceeding 25MB in size
· Files that contain more than 120 pages
· Files with permissions that are configured in a way that prevents processing, such as being password-protected or having the “do not copy” permission enabled
· Files that are scanned PDF documents
· Files in a non-English language

Yes. Acrobat and Acrobat Reader customers will have access to the full range of AI Assistant capabilities through a new add-on subscription plan when AI Assistant is Generally Available (GA). Until then, the new AI Assistant features are available in beta, for a limited time at no additional charge, on Reader and Acrobat desktop, web, and mobile. Access AI Assistant capabilities for Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual subscription plans on desktop and web and the Acrobat Pro trial. AI Assistant features are available in beta on mobile for Acrobat Mobile Premium, Plus, and free signed-in users. AI Assistant in Acrobat (beta) is available for Reader desktop users. A private beta is available for enterprise customers.

We encourage you to provide feedback in the product. Select the thumbs-up icon or thumbs-down icon to express your approval or disapproval of the generated responses. To provide more detailed feedback, select “Thanks! Tell us more.” Choose from the provided options, select “Other” if you want to add a note, and then select “Submit.” You also have the option to share your document and data associated with your document with us while providing more detailed feedback.

In the case of inappropriate content being generated, please press the flag icon on desktop and web to report it. On mobile, long press the content to share feedback. Your document and the associated data will be escalated to our Trust & Safety team and other internal channels to investigate and address.

The new Acrobat generative AI beta features are developed and deployed after undergoing review by Adobe’s AI committee and have been designed to reflect Adobe’s AI Ethics principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

To learn more about Adobe’s content usage and handling practices in connection with generative AI in Acrobat, please see here.

Adobe and its service providers do not use Adobe customer content to train the large language models (ours or a third party’s) that deliver Acrobat’s generative AI capabilities. Adobe protects your documents and content using responsible practices.

Creating content that violates third-party copyright is prohibited. When using generative AI features in Acrobat, you agree to only upload documents you have a legal right to use, and you will not create, upload, or share infringing content or content that violates our User Guidelines or the rights of others. Seek independent legal counsel if you are unsure whether your content violates somebody else’s rights.

Visit the AI Assistant in Acrobat beta HelpX page to learn more.