Santtu Mustonen for Flow Festival by Hugo & Marie

What can you do with SpeedGrade?

SpeedGrade is a color grading application that delivers layer-based color correction and look design tools to ensure that digital video projects are visually consistent and aesthetically compelling. Featuring Direct Link integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade is for editors, filmmakers, colorists and visual effects artists who want to take their creative work to the next level in a professional grading environment.
SpeedGrade, tutorial, shot matching
Match shots automatically with the Shot Matcher.
Quickly match the color and contrast between two shots from the same scene.
SpeedGrade, tutorial, analyze images with Luma Waveform scope
Analyze images with the Luma Waveform scope.
Learn how to effectively analyze the brightness of shots and measure the contrast ratio.
SpeedGrade, Premiere, tutorial
Open Premiere Pro projects in SpeedGrade.
Use Direct Link to roundtrip your projects to SpeedGrade for comprehensive color grading and for applying preset film stock and camera looks. 

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