Enterprise Licensing Overview.


The main components of Adobe’s enterprise licensing terms include the General Terms and any Product Licensing Terms. Adobe Support Services provides our enterprise customers with a consistent level of support across all products and services as detailed in the Support Services section below.

General Terms.

Whether you purchase Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, or our professional services, there’s one set of essential terms covering them all—the General Terms.


This means you don’t waste time revisiting similar terms every time you want to add another Adobe product or service. The General Terms will apply to all of your Adobe enterprise needs.

Language: English  |  Version: 2024v1  |  Effective Date: 08 March 2024

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Product metrics and more.

For details of licence metrics and more technical descriptions for our products and services or if you’re new to all that Adobe has to offer, we can help.

For licence metrics:

See our product descriptions

For technical and performance information:

See Adobe Help Center 

Support Services.

Adobe Support Services terms describes how we will support you with your Adobe enterprise products and services.


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