How to create the Avengers dust effect using Photoshop.

Learn more about how Photoshop can help you create the signature disintegration effect from the Avengers.

The illusion of a character disintegrating into thin air might have been popularized by the Avengers Infinity Wars film, but anyone can achieve that effect with the right tools, a little bit of practice, and an understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Learn more about how you can create dynamic, cinema-style photo effects with these tips.

5 tools for your Avengers Photoshop effect.

There are several ways to create this effect in Photoshop. However, no matter how you do it, you’ll want to be familiar with these Photoshop capabilities:

  1. Liquify filter. In the Liquify filter, you can use the Forward Warp brush to spread out the photo pixels so they’re all moving toward the same direction. This is the direction your image will “disintegrate” into, so choose one specific side or corner for this effect.
  2. Brushes. Add that dotted, disintegrating effect with a spotted, irregular brush pattern. Then use the Dissolve feature to paint more subtle, smaller dots. For those dots, be sure to sample colors from the image itself.
  3. Smudge tool. Similar to the Liquify filter, the Smudge tool helps you further smear your image. It’s perfect for smoothing out some of the work you might have done with your brush, to soften the effect.
  4. Bevel. You can give your particles a more three-dimensional feel by setting a consistent lighting direction on them. Use Bevel and Emboss within the Layer Styles dialog to add this inner bevel effect.

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