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Creative freedom

Spend time designing instead of searching for fonts. You'll find a full range of styles and complete families, freeing you from hours of searching and downloading.


The font families were chosen for their visible variation between sizes, weight, proportion, and posture, allowing you to create professional-quality print pieces, websites, interactive experiences, mobile content, and more.

The varying x-heights, counterspaces, contrast, and stress exemplified in this collection allow you to learn how to combine typefaces effectively.


Gold standard in fonts

Design with world-class Adobe typefaces that set the standard for expertly designed fonts. Use award-winning Adobe® Originals typefaces, including one-of-a-kind designs and classic revivals created by leading type designers at Adobe.

This collection of well-known type classics was assembled in collaboration with the AIGA, and leverages the group’s experience and knowledge about how to create the best value for design education.


The selection of fonts includes designs from each major historical period and shows the evolution of type, from 15th-century old style to 21st-century text and display faces.


Pricing and licensing advantage

Create an educational experience that's both rich and affordable. This collection is designed to put fine fonts in the hands of teachers and students alike — at an affordable price.

Jump into 500 real fonts for real work. Low price doesn't mean cheap fonts with Font Folio Education Essentials Student and Teacher Edition.


Enjoy the freedom to use a properly licensed font software and build a library of fonts that can last a lifetime.

OpenType® flexibility

Take advantage of standards that define OpenType, today's premium font format. Cross-platform functionality, extended character sets, and language support make OpenType the format of choice.

Revive fine typography with swashes, small caps, and old style figures — glyphs that are all contained in one OpenType font file.


Leverage the latest OpenType specification, including support for Windows Presentation Foundation.




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OpenType is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Font Folio Education Essentials


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