Small fishing boats with long propeller shafts are captured at sunset with various Photoshop effects overlayed in striped sections.


Automate your edits with Photoshop actions.

Whether you’re retouching or adding retro halftone effects, actions help you work faster and more efficiently, while preserving your creative touch.

Speed up your editing and graphic design workflow with actions.

Adobe Photoshop actions are a user-built series of recorded tasks or commands that you can play back and record on single or multiple files. They’re similar to macros or shortcuts in that they help you automate tasks.

A rolling fog with recorded commands action tool superimposed over it.

Save time with shortcuts.

Cut out the repetition when editing photos. Record your commands and save them as an action to repeat again and again.

Tulip bulbs on a towel overlayed with the symbol for exporting and importing.

Customize and share with others.

Actions are easy to export and import. Create your own or find actions that help you make creative solutions to problems.

A pile of purple thai eggplants with a black and white hammer and pencil icon superimposed over it.

Manage batches with ease.

If you’re applying photo effects, color grading, fixing light leaks, and skin retouching, working at volume can be a chore. Actions give you the tools you need to complete repetitive tasks quickly.

A hand with a purple ring and a purple flower between the fingers like a ring has the new action tool superimposed.

Combine across workflows.

Thanks to their customizability, actions can be modified to fit and suit the needs of new tasks as they appear.

How to create and use a Photoshop action.

Here’s how you can create a basic action in Photoshop.

1. Plan it:

Think about what you’re trying to record, and come up with the most efficient sequence of commands for it.

2. Create it:

In the Actions panel, click the Create New Action button, and assign a hotkey for it.

3. Record it:

Click Begin Recording and the recording button will turn red to show you’re live.

4. Save it:

Once you’ve finished all your commands, hit the Esc key or select Stop Recording.

5. Use it:

Use your hotkey to repeat the saved action. Or repeat it with a single click of the play button.

Adobe Photoshop

Do more with Adobe Photoshop.

Learn how to use actions.

Like a template, an action can be reused for different purposes. These tutorials will show you how to add and use actions.

Load Photoshop action sets.

Load and manage action sets.

Loading actions from another user isn’t complicated. You can do it in moments.

Create and use new Photoshop actions.

Create and use Photoshop actions.

Streamline your photo editing process with this tutorial for beginners.

Mono Lake sunrise in HDR.

Create HDR images.

Learn how to combine images to create an HDR effect, then turn the process into a Photoshop action to do it again and again.

Double exposure buffalo in Photoshop.

Make double exposures easy.

Discover how to use Blend mode and Overlays to craft double exposure images, then make the process an action.

Try creating your own actions.

You can repurpose actions for almost any use or effect. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Reflection effects on mirrors, water, and more
  • Text gradients, colors, and textures
  • Quickly give photographs a modern art aesthetic
  • Skin retouching
  • Quick custom photo filters
  • Duotone effects

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