Incident Response

We take a proactive approach to responding to security threats and issues.

We continuously monitor the threat landscape, share knowledge with security experts around the world, and feed information back to our development teams to help deliver the highest levels of security protections across Adobe products and services.

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On the lookout.

The information we gather helps us detect potential threats and make intelligent, informed decisions about appropriate responses to each threat. 

Finding needles in haystacks.

We use a combination of automation and employee reviewers to filter intelligence from many sources and determine the necessary course of action. 

Planning the most effective response.

We maintain a state-of-the-art forensics lab to perform deep investigations into security issues and help ensure the most comprehensive response possible. 

Resolving known issues quickly.

When an incident is reported to us by a third party or discovered by Adobe, we quickly work with our development teams to identify, mitigate, and resolve the issue. 

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Our proven alert systems.

Security alerts and updates.

When we learn of issues and vulnerabilities that require your attention, we have a proven system to alert you. 

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Help us prevent phishing.

Adobe will never request your personal or account information through email. If you’ve received any communication that seems suspicious, please alert our anti-phishing team so we can take action.
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We take a comprehensive approach to issue resolution.

Our incident response program includes proactive security monitoring and intelligence as well as reactive incident response to software, service, and industry security incidents. This approach helps every employee learn from the challenges we resolve, and it helps enable constant innovation around security in our products and services.