Adobe Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The Adobe Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) program maintains globally available business operations and facilitates the efficient restoration of business operations due to a large-scale disruption. The Adobe BCDR program helps ensure business-critical and customer-facing services operate continuously and without service disruption.

The Adobe BCDR program includes the following three components as well as program testing and the coordination and monitoring of restoration efforts when activated.

  • Adobe Business Continuity Plan – The Adobe BCP includes a comprehensive set of instructions and tasks that must be completed upon plan activation as well as identifies key stakeholders and their responsibilities, defines communication and documentation requirements, details plan activation and de-activation steps and authorities, and enumerates event monitoring activities. The governance and structure of the BCDR program is informed by a comprehensive business continuity policy.
  • Adobe Business Impact Analysis – Reviewed and updated annually (at a minimum), the Adobe BIA catalogs the functions for which a product or service team is responsible and identifies those functions critical to the Adobe business (i.e., a CBF). These CBFs equate to the minimum baseline of functionality necessary for Adobe’s products to be operational.
  • Adobe Disaster Recovery Plans – For each CBF identified in the BIA, product and service teams maintain a disaster recovery plan that lists, in order, the technical processes required to bring the CBF into a fully operational state. The two core processes involved in maintaining a recoverable operational environment are backups and redundancy. Each Adobe product and service team is responsible for evaluating their technical architecture and processing capabilities to determine the appropriate disaster recovery strategy to meet the requirements of the Adobe BCDR program.


More information on Adobe's current BCDR program can be found here. For more information about a specific product or service, please contact your Adobe sales representative.