Learn about e-signature compliance and risk management—which are key considerations for any organization.

Wherever you need to sign, Adobe is leading the way with flexible solutions, open standards, and technical innovation—helping make trusted, seamless signing available anytime, anywhere, and from any modern device.
Preventing product fraud

Global e-signature laws

Depending on your industry, region, country, or province, not all e-signatures have equal status under the law. Learn more about e-signature regulations around the world to help you more confidently manage your e-signature legal compliance. 

Learn about e-signature laws

Better detection and prevention rules

Adobe e-signature framework

This spreadsheet-based tool is designed to help you analyse your e-signature processes by breaking down use cases to document, signer, and e-signature type as needed to assess regulatory requirements and manage potential risks related to e-signatures.

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Fraud education

Digital identity

From an e-signature backed by identity verification to a more secure, regulated digital signature in the cloud, Adobe let’s you choose from a broad ecosystem of digital identity providers to help you comply with local and regional requirements.

Learn about our digital identity providers

Detection and prosecution

Adobe trust services

Adobe e-signatures are supported by a global network of hundreds of certificate authorities, time stamp providers, and trust service providers (TSPs) on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) or EU Trusted Lists (EUTLs). 

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What is a digital signature?

This short video explains what a digital signature is and why it is more secure and provides stronger evidence of a signer’s identity and intent to sign a specific document.


Brexit Briefing

This white paper written by law firm CMS, examines how the United Kingdom’s (UK) departure from the European Union (EU) affects the legal standing of e-signatures under UK law from 1 January 2021.

Acrobat Sign and eIDAS compliance

This white paper written by law firm DLA Piper covers the European electronic signature legislation and Acrobat Sign compliance with eIDAS requirements.

Acrobat Sign and Indian IT Act compliance

This white paper discusses the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and Acrobat Sign compliance with the relevant IT Act requirements. 

E-signature trust & identity

This 15 minute video provides an overview of key considerations for e-signatures such as type, signer identification, and regulations across geographies (including EU eIDAS).