Accessibility at Adobe

We believe that when people feel respected and included, they can be more creative, innovative, and successful. Accessibility is essential to delivering on that mission. With more than one billion people with disabilities in the world, we are committed to removing barriers to enable transformative change. 

Adobe Accessibility Principles

The following principles align with Adobe core values and form the foundation for what we believe — that everyone should be able to create, interact, and engage with digital experiences. Our Accessibility Principles serve as guideposts as we build thoughtful and inclusive technology that makes a difference in people’s lives.


co-create with the community of people with disabilities to enable everyone to fully engage in the art, culture, and commerce of modern life.


We are open about Adobe's accessibility philosophy, goals, and progress.
We bring our customers into the journey and work with our community to design and implement technology that respects our customers.


We invent new inclusive technologies and collaborate with communities dedicated to digital equity to deliver outstanding experiences.

Our focus areas in accessibility.


We are focused on a mission to remove barriers to enable transformative change. We’ve incorporated hundreds of accessibility capabilities into our tools, like
Speech to Text in Premiere Pro, Text to Image generation in Adobe Firefly, and the PDF Accessibility Auto-tag API in Acrobat. These features help increase inclusion so people with disabilities can experience these tools with power, precision, and ease of use.  

Employee support

We recognize the importance of building a diverse culture not only around race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity,
ability, and age, but also around background, experience, and ideas. Adobe connects those with similar interests and passions, promotes inclusion, and creates a healthy, fun, and collaborative workplace with the help of our
employee networks. For example, the Access at Adobe employee network is focused on supporting and advocating for employees and their family members with disabilities. The network strives to advance disability inclusion while raising awareness of the realities employees with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses face at work. We also are part of the Procure Access initiative by Disability:IN, which brings together companies that recognize the importance of buying and selling technology that is accessible to people with disabilities.

Person in wheelchair collaborating with coworker; other coworkers chatting in the background.


We believe that when done right, technology can amplify human creativity to new levels — but the human creator remains at the core of what we do. Digital tools can make it possible for people at all skill levels to generate creative content
and unlock their imaginations. We strive to ensure that these innovations are being built with everyone in mind.

We are focused on standardizing our processes and scaling our accessibility program. Our goal is to establish digital accessibility and inclusion as a deeper mindset throughout our company and work with government groups, trade associations, and user communities to promote and advance accessibility-related policies and regulations.

We will continue to hold ourselves accountable and to a higher standard of inclusive innovation so that we are developing our technologies in partnership with our customers and communities and leading the way toward industry solutions that can make a unique impact. 

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