Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Third Party Software Notices

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Portions utilize Microsoft Windows Media Technologies.

Copyright © 1999-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Apple Computer

This program was written with MacApp®: ©1985-1988 Apple Computer, Inc.

Portions licensed from Apple Computer, Inc. under the terms of the Apple Public Source License, Version 2. The source code version of these portions and the license are available at

Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson Multimedia

MPEG Layer-3 audio compression technology licensed by Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson Multimedia.


Portions for sending digital photos by email, copyright © 2003-2004 Novatix Corporation — all rights reserved worldwide.


Portions copyright 1984-1998 FairCom Corporation. "FairCom" and "c-tree Plus" are trademarks of FairCom Corporation and are registered in the United States and other countries.

Simple Software Solutions

e_Db is a licensed Product from Simple Software Solutions, Inc.


Portions include technology used under license from Autonomy, and are copyrighted.

Adobe and Microsoft

Combined PostScript Drivers are a result of a cooperative development process by Adobe and Microsoft.

Portions are the result of a cooperative development process by Adobe Systems Incorporated and Microsoft Corporation.

Sonic Solutions

Includes DVD technology used under license from Sonic Solutions.

Copyright 1996-2005 Sonic Solutions. All rights reserved.


Size optimization of Adobe Reader 6 performed using FEAD® technology licensed from Netopsystems AG, Berlin, Germany. All rights reserved.


ReWire is a Propellerhead product.

Right Hemisphere

Portions copyright Right Hemisphere, Inc.

JMI consultants

© 1981, 1990 JMI Consultants, Inc. All rights reserved.