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Unable to select applications when running installer (Adobe Creative Suite on Mac OS X)


When you run the installer for Adobe Creative Suite 1.x-2.0, you cannot select the individual Adobe Creative Suite components because their install button is dimmed.


You already installed the applications once and the Adobe Creative Suite installers displays the Select component with all the Adobe Creative Suite components dimmed.

At the bottom of the installer window, you see the message, "Components marked with an asterisk (*) are already installed and will remain in their current locations. No user data or preferences will be lost."


You installed Adobe Creative Suite earlier and manually removed an individual Adobe Creative Suite component by dragging to the trash and have not emptied the trash.


Do one of the following

Solution 1: Quit the installer, empty the trash, and try to reinstall.

If you have already placed the application or application folder in the trash, then do the following:

1. Quit the Adobe Creative Suite installer and empty the trash.

2. Restart the installer and select the enabled component to install it onto your system.

Solution 2: Remove the installed application and reinstall Adobe Creative Suite.

If the application is already installed, do not attempt to install it again. If you want to reinstall an Adobe Creative Suite application, drag the application folder to the trash, and then empty the trash to remove it, and then reinstall the Adobe Creative Suite application.

Background information

The Adobe Creative Suite Installer detects whether a Creative Suite application is already installed, and it will not allow you to install the same application over an existing installation. If you moved the application or application folder to the trash, but haven't emptied the trash, the installer may still see that application and may prevent you from reinstalling it.

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