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Using the Typewriter Tool (Acrobat Professional 7.0.5, Acrobat 3D on Windows and Mac OS)

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Typewriter tool features

Use the Typewriter tool

Enable the Typewriter tool in Adobe Reader 7.0.5

The Typewriter tool in Adobe Acrobat 7.05 offers a convenient variation of the Text Box tool. The Typewriter tool is the existing Text Box tool with a different set of default properties, which allows you to type text anywhere on a PDF document. This tool provides a simple solution for filling out forms that do not contain interactive form fields.

Typewriter tool features

The Typewriter tool has the following features:

-- The Typewriter tool is a menu item with submenu options in the Tools menu.

-- The Typewriter tool includes a toolbar containing the Typewriter tool button and several property control buttons, which act independently of the Properties framework.

-- The large cursor (Windows only) with a sample text character shows where text will be placed on the page.

-- The font is fixed at single-spaced Courier for Roman locales, and fixed to a similarly single-spaced font for other locales.

-- The Typewriter annotation has no background color and no border.

-- The Typewriter tool annotations do not have automatic word wrap although text will conform to the annotation rectangle when adjusted manually.

Use the Typewriter tool

To select the Typewriter tool, choose Tools > Typewriter > Typewriter. With the Typewriter tool selected, click anywhere on the page and begin typing.

To show the Typewriter toolbar, choose Tools > Typewriter > Show Typewriter toolbar.

To edit text properties, click one or two of the four icons on the Typewriter toolbar: decrease text size, increase text size, decrease line spacing, increase line spacing.

To view properties on a Typewriter annotation: In Acrobat, select the Typewriter annotation, choose View > Toolbars > Properties bar, then click More to view additional information about the annotation such as author, subject and review history.

Enable the Typewriter tool in Adobe Reader 7.0.5

In Acrobat 7.0.5 Professional, you can enable the Typewriter tool for users of Adobe Reader 7.0.5. You can save changes that were made to a PDF using the Typewriter tool in Reader. The Typewriter tool is not, however, intended for use with interactive forms. If you enable the Typewriter tool in an interactive form, then Acrobat and Adobe Reader users will not be able to enter data into the form fields.

To enable the Typewriter tool:

1. Open the desired PDF in Acrobat Professional.

2. Choose Tools > Typewriter > Enable Typewriter tool in Adobe Reader.

3. When the PDF is opened in Reader, a message bar appears at the top of the document that contains the Typewriter tool icon and instructions on how to use the tool.

Note: The Typewriter tool is only available for users of Adobe Reader 7.0.5. Users of other versions of Adobe Reader will not have access to the Typewriter tool.

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