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GPU Acceleration Support in Acrobat and Adobe Reader (8.x)

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Supported Video Cards

General Information

Adobe Acrobat and Reader 8 introduces a new feature called graphical processing unit (GPU) acceleration. This features enchances page display, zooming, and panning within PDF files. When Acrobat or Adobe Reader starts, it detects the properties of the video card and enables the Use 2D GPU Accerleration feature within Acrobat or Adobe Reader. The 2D GPU acceleration check box will only be visible if Acrobat or Adobe Reader detects a supported video card.

Supported Video Cards

The GPU detection technology within Acrobat or Adobe Reader 8.0 supports nVidia and ATI shader 3 video cards with 128 megabytes of VRAM. The following video cards have been tested with Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

For Desktops:

nVidia Video Cards:

-- GeForce 6600 AGP

-- GeForce 6800 AGP

-- GeForce 7800 AGP

-- GeForce 6600 PCIe

-- GeForce 7800 PCIe

-- GeForce 7300 PCIe

-- GeForce 7600 PCIe

-- GeForce 7900 PCIe

-- Quadro FX 1400 PCIe

-- Quadro FX 4500 PCIe

ATI Video Cards:

-- FireGL V3300

-- FireGL V3400

-- FireGL V5200

-- Radeon x1300 PCIe

-- Radeon x1600 PCIe

-- Radeon x1800 PCIe

-- Radeon x1900 PCIe

-- All-in-Wonder X1800 XL

For Laptops:

nVidia Video Card:

-- GeForce Go 7900 GTX on Dell XPS

ATI Video Cards:

-- Mobility Radeon X1400 on Dell Inspiron

-- Mobility FireGL V5200 on IBM T60P

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