Cute couple beach photoshoot ideas.

Explore the many ways you can capture intimate moments between two people against a beach backdrop.

The beach is one of the best places for a couple’s photoshoot. The sand, the waves, the sun — it’s the perfect recipe for romantic portraits. But if you’ve already mastered the popular sunrise and sunset shots, it might be time to explore some new techniques. Give these distinctive couple beach photoshoot ideas a try and add more variety to your finished collections.

Discover sand dunes photography.

Sand dunes are an easy way to spice up beach photoshoots and introduce variety to the mix. Have your subjects walk along the dunes or ask them to take a seated position near them. This is a great opportunity to capture some candid moments of the couple as they warm up to the new setting.

Remember to swap out your lenses to make the couple pop against the sandy background or account for poor lighting conditions. If it’s a cloudy beach day, adjust your aperture and ISO settings to get creative with grey skies.

Look around to find a novel perspective.

For even more unique photo options, try different poses with the couple laying down — similar to a flat lay setup — and incorporate new photography techniques.

With the right light, you can capture dramatic silhouettes or highlight subtle facial expressions against the sand. After the couple’s beach photoshoot, you can tweak the lighting and adjust contrast with your photo editing software. If there are tiny rocks or seaweed in the background, you can always remove them or retouch them afterward with the right application.

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