How to make a video file smaller.

Learn how to shrink those giant video files down to smaller, more manageable sizes.

As 4k, 6k, even 8k video resolutions are becoming more and more common, video file sizes have only grown. It’s common to finish a project only to face a final file size that makes your CPU weep and is impossible to upload to nearly any streaming site.

Thankfully, by using video compression apps, you can reduce your video file size so it can be uploaded, shared, and enjoyed to your heart’s content.

Steps to reduce your video file size.

Video compressor applications allow you to shrink your video file size using different forms of file compression. Which kind of file compression you choose will determine the size and quality of your final video file.

Here are the key steps to reducing your video file size.

  1. Choose a file compressor program: Programs like Adobe Media Encoder are designed specifically for shrinking video files.
  2. Import your video file: Make sure your video file format is supported.
  3. Choose your export format: Some formats are “lossy,” which trades a smaller file size for a slight drop in quality, while others are “lossless” which yields bigger files but with no loss in quality.
  4. Export your new video file: Once it finishes compressing, your video compressor application will deliver your new, slightly smaller video file directly to you.

Keep your file sizes small for easy sharing.

Small video files are easy to share to any platform, allowing you to captivate your audience wherever they may be. Get more video tips to help you elevate your video projects and expand your creativity.

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