Video in the Spotlight - LB5010

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Paul Trani

Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Adobe

Taika Waititi



Musician & Film Director

秉榮 黃

Animator, Filmmaker and Content Creator, Counter656

Video in the Spotlight - a session celebrating Asia Pacific video and film creators including: 

  • Academy Award-winning director Taika Waititi who has established himself as a unique and revered contemporary director. Hear about his journey to success and how he honed his creative style along the way.* 
  • DPR IAN, from Korean independent music label DPR (Dream Perfect Regime) who describes the start of his career path as a director, and shares insights about his work habits, how he overcomes creative slumps, and his daily inspirations. 
  • Taiwanese animator, filmmaker, and YouTube content creator John Huang — also known as Counter656 — who will discuss the creative process behind his amazing short stop motion movies using toys. 

*On-demand Oct 21–22 only

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Live Broadcast

Category: Inspiration

Track: Video

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Educator, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Artist, Photographer, Post-Production Professional, Print Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator, Social Media Content Creator