A Different Vision: Where Fantasy and Reality Meet - VS821

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This session dives into the visionary realms of 3D motion graphics artist Mikaela Stafford and digital artist Kode Abdo (aka BossLogic), and how they navigate idea space to merge the real and digital worlds.

Kode is renowned for creating photo manipulations and artwork inspired by pop culture as well as crafting official promotional artwork for iconic Marvel blockbusters. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, he transcended humble beginnings to revolutionize digital art, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy with his unique photo-manipulated images.

Mikaela embraces complex themes of a hypothetical future, exploring the intricate relationships between humans, technology, and nature through her vibrant, digitally rendered 3D environments. Her work creates captivating bio-digital landscapes where technology and nature harmonize, challenging viewers to envisage a future where digital technologies forge a renewed bond between humanity and the natural world.

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Luminary Session

Category: Thought Leadership

Track: Graphic Design, 3D

Audience Types: Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, Illustrator, Social Media Content Creator

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