Creativity Super Session: Video - SS2

Closed captions in English can be accessed in the video player.

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  • Meagan Keane

    Director of Product Marketing, Adobe

  • Kylee Peña

    Product Marketing Manager, Professional Editorial, Adobe

  • Valentina Vee

    Director/Cinematographer/Editor, Director and Video Trainer

  • AJ Bleyer

    DGA Director, Advent Films

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Join our Video Director of Product Marketing, Meagan Keane, and top video professionals AJ Bleyer, Valentina Vee, and Kylee Peña as they show how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming video creation. AI-powered tools in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects automate repetitive tasks, help generate new ideas, and enable creatives to produce more engaging videos.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get to rough cut faster with Text-Based Editing, create automatic transcripts, and edit video as easily as cutting and pasting text
  • Improve your dialog recordings seamlessly in Premiere Pro with Enhance Speech (beta)
  • Use the Essential Sound panel to speed up your audio edits with Remix and Auto Ducking
  • Thinking bigger about how you can use generative AI creatively to tell new stories – and reimagine old ones.

Bonus! Get a peek into how today’s creatives use the tools to produce some of the most beautiful onscreen work.

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Creativity Super Session

Category: Generative AI

Track: Video, Audio, and Motion

Audience Types: Motion Designer, Post-Production Professional

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