An example of a summer music festival poster design that has been created using text tools in Adobe Photoshop.


How to edit text in Photoshop.

Words, words, words — working with text doesn’t have to be dramatic. Photoshop gives you the tools to edit text simply and powerfully.

Flexible text features.

Whether you need to create a brochure or a new logo design, Photoshop offers plenty of tools for working with text.

An example of text written vertically on a graphic design.

Switch the axis.

Photoshop text tools let you write horizontally or vertically or adjust right down to the individual letter. You can swivel the type layer that contains your text in any direction.

An example of text confined within a bounding box on a graphic design.

Go formal or unbounded.

Type anywhere with the Text tool, or create a bounded box that confines your text within a shape for easy reading or printed documents.

An example of warped text on a graphic design.

Warp, skew, and curve.

Edit text to follow paths, fit within shapes, or curve along an invisible line. And if you want to resize, distort, or warp it, Photoshop has the tools for that too.

A grid of typographic design examples featuring text with different colors and styles.

Style your words for any project.

Hundreds of fonts, styling choices, and other text modification tools help you create the typographic experience you want for any project.

How to use a new layer to add, edit, and move text.

There are three common ways to create and edit new text in Photoshop. Typing directly onto a layer is the most basic method.

1. Layer it:

Select the Add New Layer button in the Layers panel.

2. Type it:

Select the Horizontal Type tool or the Vertical Type tool, click anywhere on your canvas with your cursor, and type what you want.

3. Edit it:

With your text layer selected, double-click the text for easy edits.

4. Move it:

Select the Move tool in the sidebar, and then click, hold, and drag your text on your canvas.

An example of a text layer selected on a graphic design.

How to stylize text.

Modify the text you’ve added with these powerful customization options.

1. Select it:

Select a text layer.

2. Window it:

From the top menu, navigate to Window › Character, which will add the Character panel to the sidebar.

3. Customize it:

From here, you can apply different fonts, text sizes, spacing options, text colors, and more to your selected text.

An example of a text layer being edited on a graphic design.

How to create and edit a text box.

To enhance readability or create text that fits within a shape, try adding text boxes.

1. Select it:

Select the Text tool in the toolbar.

2. Draw it:

Instead of clicking and typing directly onto your layer, click and hold to start the first corner of where you want the box to be, and then drag and release to set the size.

3. Edit it:

Text will be constrained for editing within the bounds of the box, and you can apply text formatting like justification (to spread the text evenly throughout the shape) from the Options bar at the top of the screen.

An example of a paragraph of text confined within a bounding box on a graphic design.
Adobe Photoshop

Do more with Adobe Photoshop.

Learn more about the wide world of words.

With these helpful guides, you’ll be bending text to your will in no time.

An image showing a few examples of graphic designs with different styles of font.

Pick the perfect font.

Trying to decide what the best font is for your next project? This tutorial has helpful tips to frame your thinking. 

An image of a canvas featuring abstract art and the word "DREAM."

Combine photos and text.

There are many ways to incorporate text into images, whether it’s a collage or a social media post. Learn how to combine the two.

An image of a person sitting on a basketball court, side by side with a pixelated version of the same image.

Control resolution.

Resolution and image quality are important factors when working with text. Learn how to control and increase resolution in Photoshop. 

An example of a vector graphic that has been created using Adobe Illustrator.

Move into Adobe Illustrator.

Photoshop has many text tools, but Illustrator is the best app for creating text vector graphics that can size up without becoming pixelated.

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