Bring InDesign Projects to Life: Digital and Print Pathways - S6108

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If you’re using InDesign for print, learn how you can engage your audience further by creating pathways to onscreen experiences on mobile and desktop devices. But remember that InDesign isn’t just for print — you can create amazing interactive documents too. Join InDesignSecrets guru David Blatner to discover little-known print-to-digital and digital-to-print pathways you can use to boost your design skills and enhance your effectiveness.

As David shares his latest tips and techniques, you’ll learn:

  • How to integrate After Effects with your InDesign workflow (yes, really)
  • How InDesign can trigger web and augmented reality (AR) experiences
  • Why InDesign is the best tool for every kind of layout — not just print

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Graphic Design, 3D and AR

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Print Designer, 3D