Design and Layout for Print: From Pixel to Paper with InDesign - S6111

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When you create a layout, you have the power to decide how and where to guide the reader’s eye. The correct use of grids and image patterns inserts breaks and moments of inspiration, which lets the content shine and makes it more memorable. Join Kladi Vergine, visual strategist and founder of Studio Printmysoul, as she shares why these principles are especially important in print design, where clarity and a compelling aesthetic are must-haves.

You’ll learn the art of creating eye-catching print spreads in InDesign, including how to:

  • Set up a document using grids to split the page
  • Apply elements to multiple pages using masters
  • Organize content with layers
  • Work with paragraph styles to achieve hierarchy and contrast
  • Leverage assets from Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock
  • Get your file ready to print

Technical Level: Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Graphic Design

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Educator, Graphic Designer, Print Designer