Illustrator Workflows Part 2: Increase Efficiency, Avoid Problems - L6140b

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  • Tony Harmer

    Tony Harmer

    Illustrator, Designer, Author, Wizardry Ltd

If you use Illustrator every day, then this lab is for you. Join MAX Master Tony Harmer, aka “The Design Ninja,” to learn how to make your Illustrator workflow fast and efficient. Stop wrestling with software tools, and enjoy more time to be creative and productive. If you’re a freelancer, discover how to achieve more in less time in order to be more profitable. Learn how you can keep quality high and rapidly make adjustments if required — all within budget.

In Part 2 of this three-part lab, we’ll build on the techniques from Part 1 by covering:

  • Combination techniques for added efficiency
  • How to spot and avoid common problems

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Type: Lab

Category: How To

Track: Illustration and Digital Painting, Graphic Design

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Game Developer, Government, Graphic Designer, Print Designer, UI and UX, Illustrator