Mastering Infographics and Visual Communication with Adobe Illustrator - S6100

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Illustrator is used to produce countless infographics and other forms of visual communication, from data visualizations to motion graphics to social media micronarratives. Join Killer Visual Strategies CEO and founder Amy Balliett as she shares fundamental techniques for producing the best possible infographics, data visualizations, and visual content in Illustrator for any audience.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Lay the foundation for infographic design and data visualization best practices
  • Balance high-quality design with accurate information and data visualization
  • Build your designs to achieve specific client goals and reach their target audience

Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: How To, Industry Best Practices

Track: Graphic Design

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Artist, Print Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator